Starfire Online
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Starfireonline is a Java based system to manage and control data flowing from one system to any another. We source data from Files, Databases, or Web then transforms and stores the results back to any other Databases, Files or Web.

Currently we have products to based on the Blackrock Aladdin product, Regression Eagle STAR/PACE system, SDS game and an inventory control system for retail stores. Please contact each product team for more information.

  • Backend in Java for any environment
  • Configuration translation
  • Process control
  • Java servlets for Web processing
  • Multiple file types: XML, cvs, or custom
  • JDBC module for databases (Oracle, Sybase, DB2, SQL, others)
  • Process control of parallel or sequential data transfers
  •   Starfireonline is proven 10+ year old system that has run on over 150 databases. Our #1 priority is to make this a safe reliable system that you can depend on. Java ability to write nce and run everywhere allows starfire to be deployed on any operating system and reduce opetational costs.